Information here specifically pertains to WTDI festivals

Why are we here?

Obviously you found your way here because you are interested in FESTIVALS. Either you found us randomly or you were directed here by someone who thought you might find this website helpful.

What is this site?

This site is specifically designed to help Artists, Crafters, Entertainers, Food Vendors, Sponsors, and Organizations connect directly to all events coordinated by WTDI, Inc aka Janet Gamache and  Brian Young but it is also a wealth of resources for everything “Festival” related.

What kind of info is here

Not only will you find upcoming events and application links , you will also find tips for getting noticed over other applicants, ways to negotiate to get into events as an entertainer and other inside info about the festival world.


Find out about upcoming events, get information and find links to apply.


Looking for someone to revitalize or manage your existing festival or start a new one? 

or email directly


Get involved , have fun and feel good.

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