Spring Fiesta Set Up instructions

Hello Spring Fiesta in the Park Arts & Crafts Exhibitors,

Here is information you need to know about your set up for the April 1 and 2, 2023 Spring Fiesta in the Park in Orlando, Florida.

On this page you will find the TRAFFIC FLOW Map. ALL TRAFFIC will enter ONE ENRY POINT on E. Robinson St at Summerlin Ave (GPS HOWARD MIDDLE SCHOOL 800 E. Robinson St Orlando)   Plan your route in advance. You will also find your booth space assignment and parking area on this page.

You Do NOT need to “Check-in” if you bring your printed EXHIBITOR PASS with you. Please bring the pass that was emailed to you or you can print a BLANK PASS and fill in your space number and parking along with your name and phone number in case we need you to move your vehicle during the event.

 If you cannot print your EXHIBITOR PASS we will provide one for you at the Entry Point.  

SET UP INFORMATION: Exhibitors with booth spaces starting with E (on Eola Dr), W (on Washington St.) or B (the Bridge) may load-in after 12:00 PM on Friday, March 31st.  Early load-in is encouraged to help alleviate set up traffic congestion throughout the day.  

Exhibitors with booth spaces starting with R (in the park along Robinson St)  will be able to load-in after 6:00 PM when they close the street to the public. 

Anyone can set upon SATURDAY morning before 9am. Use the same traffic flow.

An identifying marker (most likely tape and marker) with your number on it will represent the exact center of your booth space. If you are uncertain about where to put your booth do not setup until we have confirmed it with you.

If your set up is in the grass, leave a 3-4 foot gap between your booth and the sidewalk! This will allow traffic to flow keep the sidewalk open to wheelchairs passing. 

PARKING: Parking should be FREE, easy and plentiful for everyone if the guidelines are followed.  Please park tight and do not leave large gaps between vehicles. 

Exhibitors on the Bridge will park on the North Curb of Robinson St. or on one of the side streets; Cathcart Ave., Hillman Ave. or Broadway Ave.  The North Curb of Robinson St. will serve as overflow parking for the other areas in the event.  You may still utilize the paid parking garages if you choose to do so.

Follow the traffic flow directions to get to your parking area. Do NOT go against the traffic flow or enter the event from a point other than the designated entry point.

An EXHIBITOR PASS must be clearly displayed on your vehicle dashboard and/or affixed to your trailer when parked or it may be subject to towing.  ONLY ONE Pass is allowed per booth space.  Additional vehicles must park outside the event area or in one of the Pay to Park garages nearby.  Please be respectful and only park in your assigned parking area. 

WEIGHTS: Bring proper weights to secure your tent for up to 40 mph wind gusts. Staking of tents is NOT allowed anywhere in the event but your tent must be secure with blocks, sandbags or other weights. The area around the lake can be windy at times.

SECURITY: There will be overnight security but secure your tent by zipping up the sides or removing important items.

If you have any questions or concerns before or during the event, you can always text or call me: (352) 217-8390 – Janet Gamache.  The on-site coordinator Saturday and Sunday will be Tina Hartsfield (352) 455-5248.

I wish you all the best show ever!


Janet Gamache

Festival Event Coordinator (352)217-8390

First NameLast NameBooth SpaceParking Assignment
KarenAdamsR29Robinson St. – North Curb
LauraAdamsW20Washington St – South Curb
TammiAdamsW21Washington St. North Curb
PaulAlbrittonE61Eola Dr. – East Curb
MarthaAldermanE41Eola Dr. – East Curb
AlexAsfourE18Eola Dr. – East Curb
JamesBalderramaC2Robinson St. – North Curb
CherylBanksR11Robinson St. – South Curb
TracyBrasellsW16Washington St – South Curb
DanBrooksE36Eola Dr. – East Curb
mariabrosiousR51Robinson St. – South Curb
PantherBrunotteR22Robinson St. – South Curb
AlmiraCabigao-VillaE54Eola Dr. – East Curb
KevinCamacho GuzmanB16Robinson St. – North Curb
LindaCaroE46Eola Dr. – East Curb
YianChangE10Eola Dr. – East Curb
DebbieCheslowE13Eola Dr. – East Curb
RebeccaChiodiB55Robinson St. – North Curb
SarahChrislynW24Washington St. North Curb
KellyCivitareseB60Robinson St. – South Curb
ScottClaflinE60Eola Dr. – East Curb
LindaCombeeE55Eola Dr. – East Curb
Jim & JoCookR10Robinson St. – South Curb
AmzieCooperR47Robinson St. – South Curb
SydneyCornwallE56Eola Dr. – East Curb
KarenCulbersonE12Eola Dr. – East Curb
DonDavidE48Eola Dr. – East Curb
MistyDavisR42Robinson St. – North Curb
SuzanneDe La FlorB53Robinson St. – North Curb
EricDietrichE63Eola Dr. – East Curb
DavidDoroshowW17Washington St. North Curb
MichelleDosterR53Robinson St. – South Curb
arthurdratnolR43Robinson St. – South Curb
YvonneDundoreR45Robinson St. – South Curb
KylaEmmonsR54Robinson St. – South Curb
AllanEnderE29Eola Dr. – East Curb
LucilleEricksonR15Robinson St. – South Curb
JUDITHFERNANDEZR37Robinson St. – South Curb
CarynFrishmanB59Robinson St. – North Curb
LunellyGarciaE21Eola Dr. – East Curb
HennaGausE39Eola Dr. – East Curb
JoshuaGerstorffR32Robinson St. – South Curb
MatthewGonzalezE51Eola Dr. – East Curb
MichaelGorgenR19Robinson St. – South Curb
BarbaraGrayR13Robinson St. – South Curb
ChristinaGreenR21Robinson St. – South Curb
ElizabethGuilhemE26Eola Dr. – East Curb
LyricHersheyB17Robinson St. – North Curb
NancyHillE57Eola Dr. – East Curb
AaronHixR39Robinson St. – North Curb
JeffreyHollenW14Washington St – South Curb
MadylanHudsonW11Washington St. North Curb
CarlosIglesiasR48Robinson St. – South Curb
DavidJamesE62Eola Dr. – East Curb
rudolphjavarB12Robinson St. – North Curb
JoshuaJohnsonE52Eola Dr. – East Curb
KatJohnsonR16Robinson St. – South Curb
KeremKabatasB54Robinson St. – South Curb
SindiKarmanE20Eola Dr. – East Curb
amit and morgankatanR40Robinson St. – South Curb
NathanKnightesE30Eola Dr. – East Curb
AndrewKovanisB13Robinson St. – North Curb
AnaKuffoW12Washington St. North Curb
paulalakeB21Robinson St. – North Curb
CathyLalumiereR35Robinson St. – South Curb
DeborahLambR52Robinson St. – South Curb
RuthLaneB11Robinson St. – North Curb
WilliamLarsonB50Robinson St. – North Curb
LaurieLarsonE25Eola Dr. – East Curb
YriaLatilR27Robinson St. – South Curb
SteveLazaroffB51Robinson St. – North Curb
JaneLyonE16Eola Dr. – East Curb
JaceMageeB58Robinson St. – North Curb
KaisaManninenE31Eola Dr. – East Curb
VeraMassieE15Robinson St. – North Curb
BrianMcKelveyE33Eola Dr. – East Curb
SusanMercerE50Eola Dr. – East Curb
PhilipMesserE35Eola Dr. – East Curb
StacyMeunierR26Robinson St. – South Curb
ArcangelMoralesB56Robinson St. – North Curb
RichMoreR49Robinson St. – South Curb
HeatherNagyE59Eola Dr. – East Curb
JeffreyNelsonE38Eola Dr. – East Curb
TriciaNewtonW22Washington St – South Curb
EllenNobleW18Washington St – South Curb
BerylOduorE37Robinson St. – North Curb
MigdaliaPaceE53Eola Dr. – East Curb
TomParkerE47Eola Dr. – East Curb
KenPatrizziB62Robinson St. – North Curb
RobertPattersonB57Robinson St. – North Curb
DANIELLEPIGUEE23Eola Dr. – East Curb
LouisePlunkett-DuteauR44Robinson St. – South Curb
TiffanyPrinceR31Robinson St. – South Curb
JulieRamboR20Robinson St. – South Curb
JohnRayaE28Eola Dr. – East Curb
RobinRebeckW23Washington St. North Curb
LorenReddingR25Robinson St. – South Curb
PaulRichardsonR17Robinson St. – South Curb
Beach BumRings  
AlexRobinsonR55Robinson St. – South Curb
WesleyRollB52Robinson St. – South Curb
SashaRosaR59Robinson St. – South Curb
JonRummel Robinson St. – South Curb
AraceliRussiR36Robinson St. – South Curb
CherylSackarisW10Washington St – South Curb
AlexisSammonsR12Robinson St. – South Curb
HaidySantosE22Eola Dr. – East Curb
NikkiSaraivaE45Eola Dr. – East Curb
AndreaSchultzR57Robinson St. – South Curb
loriSchumannR28Robinson St. – South Curb
TraciSchweminR14Robinson St. – South Curb
ChristineSeledotisB10Robinson St. – North Curb
BhavnaShahR34Robinson St. – South Curb
John & LaurieSmithE43Eola Dr. – East Curb
ChelseaSmithE49Eola Dr. – East Curb
NormanSnyderW13Washington St. North Curb
SusanSobelE32Eola Dr. – East Curb
RicardoSorianoE27Eola Dr. – East Curb
LearieSpencerB20Robinson St. – North Curb
RickySteeleR33Robinson St. – South Curb
EllenSteinbuchelE14Eola Dr. – East Curb
GraceStrachanB61Robinson St. – North Curb
DeeSutphinE17Eola Dr. – East Curb
MicheleTrocheC1Robinson St. – North Curb
FrancisWalshC3Robinson St. – North Curb
GraceWorthyR56Robinson St. – South Curb
AbdelYazidiR23Robinson St. – South Curb
TomYoesleB14Robinson St. – North Curb
KristaZitrickR38Robinson St. – North Curb